Last week we were all super productive in the vegetable fields as we continued our potato planting campaign. By the middle of the week the wind had finally eased and we were able to cover our early potatoes with horticultural fleece. Covering them with fleece protects the potato plants from the cooler temperatures and possible late frosts, and helps to ensure that we'll be eating our New Potatoes in May! Hopefully by the time you read this the chitting shed will be full of empty trays and potato planting will be finished for 2017.

Our reservoir is finally full and the pump filling it no longer supplies us with background noise as we work in the neighbouring kale field. It is a great relief to have the reservoir full at the start of the growing season, especially when this spring is turning out to be so dry.

Chris, our neighbouring farmer, returned with his plough last week. He has continued ploughing in the green manures and old vegetable plants, with Dad spreading compost in front of him. With no rain forecast we feel it is essential to plough the land while we can still get the plough in the ground! After the land has been ploughed we have been cultivating and then rolling the land to keep the moisture in the soil. This also helps to create fine soil for the plant beds.

With potato planting behind us we will plant our first cabbages, beetroot, spring onions and lettuces this coming week. We have bought a new (new to us, i.e. second hand!) planter which should make planting faster - we are all looking forward to seeing it in action this week!